Thursday 2.4.2020

The schedule is still preliminary and subject to change.

08:30 Registration

09:00 Rolf Koppatz, CEO, Communication Pro Oy – Event welcome

09:05 Cristiano Bianchi, CEO, Keepthinking – Keynote: Museum Integrated Information Systems

09:50 Cristiano Bianchi, CEO, Keepthinking – Qi: the solution to content + collection management

Coffee break

10:40 Claire Afford, Keepthinking – Working with a web-browser based collection management and integrated web-solutions

11:00 Questions and answers about Qi (Finnish version)

11:20 Rolf Koppatz & Ville Manninen, Communication Pro Oy – Where are Digital Asset Management solutions positioned in digitized museums

12:00 Lunch break

12:45 Sanna-Kaisa Hakkarainen & Juho Vainio, Melon Arbus Productions Oy – Smart museum concept

13:15 Philipp Orschler, CEO, cura3D – Examples on 3D virtual planning in Museums around the world

13:45 Philipp Orschler, CEO, cura3D – Demonstration of workflows in virtual planning

Coffee break

14:30 Anssi Ahlgren, Museum Technical Service Manager, Finnish National Gallery – Kokemuksia virtuaalisen 3D-suunnitelun vaiheista (in Finnish)

15:00 Ville Manninen, Application Specialist, Communication Pro Oy – Virtual exhibition planning (in Finnish)

15:30 Questions and answers about Qi and museum pro

16:30 The seminar ends

The organizer reserves the right to modify the program without notice.

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