Keepthinking QI

QI is the solution to content + collection management as a Integrated Information Management System

Over 200 museums, collections, archives, performing art venues and art galleries use Qi to manage, publish, engage and sell.

Qi capitalises from over a decade of Keepthinking’s experience working with organisations in the public, arts, performing arts and cultural sectors.

Qi is the web-browser based content, digital assets and collections management system that integrates all types of information into a single, flexible and customisable platform. Qi is powerful, flexible, fast and easy to use.

Qi provides a content management system for the museums website and a collection management system on a single platform. No need to hassle with an integration to other systems. Efficiencies are gained by having all of this data in a single system.

Users finds the interface intuitive and easy to use. It offers a lot of flexibility which is necessary with multiple venues, diverse programs, and a mobile staff.

Publish everywhere directly 

No need to export and import elsewhere. With Qi you work online and changes are reflected in real time. Your collection and the rest of your content does not need to be exported to be on your website. It is online the moment you decide so and no middleware is needed either between systems.

Qi = Collection management + Content management + Asset management + Event booking, Ticket sales + Online shop + Donations + Visitor information + … 

Qute: The mobile app for movement control. Qute is a mobile companion of Qi, which completely integrates with Qi and allows collections managers to register object movements directly from their iOS (iPhone, iPad) or Android devices. Totally new, fresh, beautiful and mobile-enabled interface, using web standards and open source technologies.

Keepthinking’s objectives

Help small, medium and large museums, collections and cultural organisations make the most of their information, collection and content. Provide excellent content and collection management software, married with great design and audience engagement strategies.

Specialties: Interactive design, Software design and development, Online Museums, Collection Management Systems, Content Management Systems, Database design.

Looking to take control of your visual assets such as photography, imagery, video, new advanced file formats or documents?

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