We present and guide how advanced technology may be utilized in museums in 2020

Learn how new sophisticated tools like Qi by Keepthinking integrates all types of information into a single, flexible and customisable platform. Learn how to use new software tools like museum pro for planning of Art exhibitions in 3D and exposing them virtually to needed audience. Update your knowledge base and enhance users to understand why advanced technology is becoming a necessity for museums content. Come and see where you need to focus on in years to come.

museum pro virtual exhibition planner – click to read more

Museum pro is the unique solution to virtually plan exhibitions. Planning an art exhibition means being engaged in a complex dialogue between arts, architecture and logistics. The solutions grew in close cooperation between exhibition planners, museum officials and IT experts. Click to read more.

QI content + collection management – click to read more

Qi is the web-browser based content, digital assets and collections management system that integrates all types of information into a single, flexible and customisable platform. Over 200 museums, collections, archives, performing art venues and art galleries use Qi to manage, publish, engage and sell. Click to read more.

CollectionPro DAM and publishing – click to read more

CollectionPro offers the most feature-rich Digital Asset Management system used in museums. It can work as a single solution for managing and publishing collections, or as a separate DAM parallel to an existing collection management. Click to read more.

Inspiring speakers

Our invited speakers give you a vision of digital options for the future, providing the tools and know-how needed to face digital workflow projects with confidence. Learn where DAMs are positioned in digitized museums and about the status of the Smart Museum Concept in Finland.

Digital Museum 2020

Museums and nonprofit organizations need to rely on visual storytelling to communicate with the public and donors. Collections, archives, libraries at your fingertips as self-service.

Can your museum give it to them?

Learn at the Digital Museum 2020 event why museums need additional services to their traditional collection management.


Digital transformation

Learn how museums should be embracing the change to digital, not only by digitizing their archive materials, but in their workflows and visitor engagement programs.


See the video from our recent DAM Helsinki event for corporates and marketers

Read more about the DAM Helsinki event:

The DAM Helsinki website

Tailored for museums

This event is appropriate for those who are creating exhibitions but new to virtual 3D-exhibition planning, are selecting a new Collection Management system, are end-users who want to have a deeper understanding of the different things an additional DAM system can do for a museum, or just for technical implementers who want a better sense of a system's capabilities. This insight will help you better communicate your needs, whether you already have a CMS or DAM system or are looking to select one. We offer you feature-rich DAM systems, as well as the gamut of technologies for solving the broader digital challenges like 3D virtual planning and facing the marketing and content publishing puzzle. Tailored in particular for USERS OF ASSETS AND REGISTRARS, CURATORS, INTENDANTS, EXHIBITION PLANNERS AND ADMINISTRATORS as well as marketing professionals, IT-managers and digital asset managers who want to be empowered with the knowledge of how NEW technology can improve their situation. Whether you are technically or creative minded, this event will benefit you and your museum.

Event highlights

Our speakers

The event is educational, inspiring and motivating at the same time. We have invited inspiring speakers from our vendors with different backgrounds and professionals in their own field, both IT and museum, to speak about their real-life museum approaches and user experiences. It will help you make the most of your digital content and the solutions you use to create, archive, manage and publish it. We take pride in putting together an impressive speaker lineup to serve our event attendees.

Feature Image 3

Cristiano Bianchi

Director, Keepthinking ltd

Feature Image 3

Philipp Orschler

CEO, cura3D GmbH & Co KG

Feature Image 3

Sanna-Kaisa Hakkarainen

Producer, Melon Arbus Productions Oy

Feature Image 3

Juho Vainio

CEO, Design technologist, Jokojo Oy

Feature Image 3

Anssi Ahlgren

Museum Technical Service Manager, Finnish National Gallery

Feature Image 3

Ville Manninen

Application Specialist, Communication Pro Oy Ab

Feature Image 3

Rolf Koppatz

Founder, CEO, Communication Pro Oy Ab

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