The most comprehensive event for museums new technologies in the heart of Helsinki, Kiasma on April 2nd, 2020

The Digital Museum 2020 event brings together some other digital developments as well. It is a place where museum professionals and stakeholders meet. At the event you have a great opportunity to network with colleagues.

Why did we decide to arrange an event for museums?

Our decision was clear – this is the most important event for us this year for new museums as possible customers in Finland. We have excellent experience from our recent bigger DAM-event in 2019 and the positive feedback carries on.

What do we have for the attendees?

We present solutions from our partners, mainly Keepthinking as they are our newest partner. We believe in the concept of collection management together with communication. We show Keepthinking’s solutions as well as cura 3D virtual planning solutions.

Learn where DAMs are positioned in digitized museums and about the status of the Smart Museum Concept in Finland.

What are our expectations about the event?

We expect to meet clients, the new and old ones. But most of all, we invite all attendees to join the conversation about digitising the museums. We promise to deliver our message from the world as well.

All in all, this year will be busy from the event point of view and we are truly expecting growth through the events and our new co-operation. We expect to grow faster together with our partners in 2020.

Update your knowledge base and enhance users to understand why a centralized repository becomes the foundation of museums content to be published and shared

What is the intendants, registrars and administrators new role in the Museum? Imagery of the museum’s exhibitions and events is used to encourage more visitors and donors to support the mission.

Digital Asset Management can be a game-changer for nonprofits that communicate with donors and media via visual assets. DAMs can be integrated to Collection Management Systems with tightly integrated work in progress capabilities for files, including shared taxonomy structures.

Learn how to share your assets with partners, media and external collaborators with guest access and to distribute your content to users so that everybody can see it quickly, understand what you have and download it in a variety of different sizes and formats according to need.

All solutions under one roof

Communication Pro delivers the whole solution, from virtual planning of exhibition to collection management, digital asset management and content publishing. The idea is to open silos and giving departments and museums the possibility to communicate properly. We offer the solution both on-premise as well as a service, explains CEO Rolf Koppatz.

Virtual 3D exhibition planning with museum pro

Content & Collection Management and Publishing with Qi

Digital Asset Management and Publishing with Collection Pro

Hosting solutions

Organized by Communication Pro Oy

Communication Pro anticipates the challenges You, your DAM and your business might face in the future and provides you the tools and know-how needed to succeed with your DAM projects. We have over 25 years of experience in this field. Read more at www.communicationpro.com.

Looking to take control of your visual assets such as photography, imagery, video, new advanced file formats or documents?

Learn how at Digital Museum in Helsinki April 2nd 2020.

Check the event speakers and schedule and book your seat!