The cura3D museum pro software for planning of Art exhibitions in 3D

Planning an art exhibition means being engaged in a complex dialogue between arts, architecture and logistics. The cura3D development solutions grew in close cooperation between exhibition planners, museum officials and IT experts.

The virtual exhibition planner

Planning an exhibition is a complex process. Conceptual, artistic and logistical requirements enter into a multi-layered dialogue with the challenges of the respective spatial situation. A number of tools accompany the development, be it the museum floor plan, real models or computer sketches.

The use of digital visualization was mostly limited to static aspects. However, the increasing spread of virtual tours for exhibition visitors shows that there are great technical possibilities that have hardly been used in curation and exhibition planning.

The cura3D museum pro software offers an innovative aid here. The software has grown from the first day of development in close collaboration between museums, curators, artists and IT professionals, making it intuitive to use and ideally tailored to curatorial practice. cura3D has references all over Europe.

Features and workflows:

  • Exhibition planning with museum pro starts with digitization of your showrooms which can be viewed in different modes.
  • You can import data from your collection management system, Excel file or from your computer as single file.
  • Build a exhibition with temporary architecture, showcase and individual architecture. You can then place exhibits using your configurator and you can even colour walls and wallpapers.
  • While creating the exhibition using dynamic measurement you then just export the wall developments for the actual exhibition builders..
  • At the end you can share the exhibition using the PanoViewer which offers virtual tours to be shared on a website.

Looking to take control of your visual assets such as photography, imagery, video, new advanced file formats or documents?

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